Empathy, something I feel but limited.

I realized that a lot of my posts sound like rants, that is because they are. I will try my best to just get my feelings out but in a more direct way, the best that I can. Empathy is something that I do feel but not towards people that have placed themselves in their own situation. For example, I have heard of people having children that they knew were sick and knew that their children would die before they see their first birth day. I feel sadness for the child since it had to suffer for having such “parents” and the selfishness of these people did not let them see past the taboo that is around abortion and instead they chose to let the child become some sort of freak show. I understand that there are people that do not have enough money to afford an abortion and that with a few operations their child can live a functional life, just like what happened to Lakshmi Tatma. That little girl was born with 8 legs yet the condition was able to be fixed.

I also do not understand what is the issue with so many “parents” who, I will decide just out of the trying to be a decent human, and having a bit of empathy towards those people that actually chose to breed and are responsible to just use the term breeder for those people that are not responsible at all, that are harming their offspring, and giving real parents a bad name.

But let me tell you, if a parent really loved their child they would rather them suffer minimal in the womb and abort them if they were not going to have the most fulfilled life possible, if there was no way of fixing the issue. But we have found ways to fix a lot of issues that we were not before, now children born without limbs can have prosthesis and they are able to have a good life, what I am talking is about rare things like a child born without a brain ( which has happened), there was also this child that was born without eyes although if the child is intelligent enough it can be taught braille but I believe that child in particular it’s brain was faulty too, he is going to depend on his “mother” forever. My issue is, what happens after the guardian dies?

There are also breeders that have offspring and they end up killing them, I do not understand, if they do not want them why did they have them? I believing in less suffering and to be honest since I am an antinatalist I believe humanity should stop breeding until most of our problems are fixed.

I do not feel sorry for those people that end up getting pregnant in order to keep their partner with them. I do not feel sorry for those women that have multiple kids from different parents and are unhappy because they brought that unhappiness to themselves. I also do not feel empathy for those women that are drug addicts, smoke, and drink while they are pregnant and then wonder why their kid came out wrong. I also have no empathy for those that know their child will come out with issues that modern medicine cannot fix yet and decide to give birth to them, I am not going to throw a pity party at such people.

It has also been proven that the more children you have the lower your IQ is. So, I decided to express exactly why I sound like I am ranting most of the time.


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