Unconditional Love…It’s bullshit.

One of my friend’s gave a go at this topic before but he spoke about relationships, if you want to read why Unconditional Love is bullshit when it comes to relationships you can go here ( “http://justinvacula.com/2013/08/06/unconditional-love/)
But me being a hardcore childfree person will take this idea a different type of way, the view of breeders claiming that the biggest love that there is out there is the love they have for a child. “Once you have a child you will know what true love is, unconditional love.”

Let me tell you that is the biggest BINGO and bullshit I have ever heard, if such a thing were true then there would not be Filicide, which means the deliberate act of a parent killing their child. Now, we all have heard of Ross Harris that killed their child in a hot car in Georgia and he was googling childfree and even went into our reddit forums we are not allowed to go into our safe haven because some asshole decided that he was not happy with the life that he chose when he fathered that child and was researching about childfree life style. Which in case that asshole did not know he was not going to be childfree because he had birth a child and nothing would change that. I am glad he got sent to jail. The point being here is that the love that a “parent” has for a child is not unconditional that something magical doesn’t automatically turn on in people when they have children. That “God’s love” is not surrounding such people and they are living fairy tales in the Enchanted Forest once they have children.

No, shit becomes real. People realize that they have bills to pay, if they have no health insurance they have to pay at least 40,000 in fees to the hospital if they live in the US. They also have to pay around 245,340 (http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2014/08/18/raising-child-cost-2013/14236535/ ) because of these thoughts and perhaps the fear of raising a child, also some people are raised in broken homes and according to statistics people who go through abuse are bound to abuse. Some people like that Slovak couple that gave Crystal Meth to their child to shut it up, or the father that let their child starve because he was busy playing a video game, if the love a parent has for a child is all forgiving, unconditional then why did these people not get the memo?

Perhaps, my method of showing that natalist are wrong once again is not the best but just turning on the 6’oclock news if you have any bit of logic left you can see it with your own two eyes.
Everyone needs to know and needs to be alright with the fact that not everyone is meant to be a parent, because of that people have to know that there is an option to not have children. There needs to be birth control and education in order to try to keep these deaths lower than they are now.


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