I am hardcore childfree not poser childfree.

I am hardcore childfree not poser childfree.

I am writing this because there needs to be someone finally who sets things straight. There are some people in the childfree community which like kids, so much that they date or marry people who have them, at times these kids live with them other times they do not. I have to set the record straight, not all childfree people are posers like this, I am one of those that are not posers but true childfree people Hardcore Childfree. People like me may or may not hate kids but regardless of that they will not adopt, step, or even dream of having a home with a breeder, yes, a person that has children 9 times out of 10 will be a breeder. After all we seen the decline of true parenting with strict laws and people were responsible for their offspring. Now a days basically anyone as soon as their clock starts ticking wants to have children.

I personally am sick of having to sharing the label childfree with breeder pleasers and I am sick of people having to hide their opinions about how the natalist religion has taken hold of society. I am not afraid any more to express my distaste even if such opinions can have huge repercussions. I hear endless childfree people in the groups on Facebook complain that their partners have children, that they are not involved with them and therefore can use the name childfree. I call those posers just like when I was in high school not everyone that wore all black was a goth, I have the same ideas of these cf posers. Just because you can fill your mouth saying that you are cf because you do not have any role in this child’s life does not mean you did not chose to have potential drama issues due to the fact their lives could change forcing them into your house in the future. Or those that are already step parents and if both of their parents die most likely they will end up having to deal with the children.

I always been childfree but since my mother did not speak English, I was the guardian of my brother because I was the only person they could communicate with, and I am his sister! So, people who are step parents have the nerve to tell me that they have no role in the children’s lives? They house them together with their couple, if they have to pick the children up from school they will be referred as the guardian or the step parent which means that the school will address letters do you. That is a responsibility which a childfree person that does not step, adopt, or birth children will never have to deal with. There should be another label that separates us true childfree people from these posers that are just saturating our community. A group that is very breeder pleasure is Childfree Chicks Confidential and the funny part is that some of the members are not even chicks! They also allow breeders that are always bias and attacking hardcore childfree people.

“All you need is love.” Is what someone recently told me when I did not empathize with her drama after all she has a choice to cut the boyfriend that has kids that are treating him like some chauffeur. I told her that I was not stupid to put all my hopes in someone that has children because I know that is not a good stock and it has a lot of baggage. Hence, it is not worth the time and effort. She just kept saying that, when people fall in love it is different. That just reminded me of something I heard in the movie Her where they said love was “ a kind of like a form of socially acceptable insanity.” I have always been against many of society’s stupid norms mainly when it comes to gender and gender roles. Therefore, I will not be part of the statistics and picking up where the last partner failed. I also do not believe that monogamy is something that could be kept for long hence relationships end and people get divorced as well and eventually they end up finding someone else, such thing is not called monogamy it is serial monogamy but that is an issue for another article.

I am also sick and tired of breeders trying to hit on me online as if I would give up my freedom to date anyone of them. Automatically, when people say that makes them less attractive to me and less of a viable match. I will never date a breeder, I might date someone who is childless until it were not possible to deny the fact that they might eventually change to the point that they want to have children. Once things start leaning towards that way, I am the type of person that would completely cut the cord. To some people it is hard to know what they will want in the future but to me I know this for sure, I do not want to give my freedom to be with someone who has kids, wants kids, or wants to adopt kids in the long run. I am currently in the path of serial monogamy, where if things don’t work out it is better to go to the next one, but never settling for a straight jacket.


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