Gender & Sexual Orientation are something the Goverment should keep out from

I have no idea why even today in this time and age when we know that there is documented evidence that homosexual relationships have existed we still treat it as if it were a new thing.
People should not care the gender of the person they are with as long as that person is compatible with them mentally. I understand that people have sexual preferences and that some people tend to know if they are going to “fuck someone” as soon as they see them. I personally, do not understand the latter since I am demisexual, but again I understand the hormonal changes in the body and the eyes get wider and the smell that some people give end up making them seem more attractive to some and in turn their sexual attraction is turned on.

But to people like me that do not understand that type of attraction, I would describe myself as demisexual with capabilities of being panromantic, because I prefer men but I can be romantic with any gender. Yes, I said it, ANY!

I am sick and tired of having to explain that there is more than one gender and lack there of. Just like atheist are non believers of God and they are not theist, we have people who have no gender called agender (Neutrois) along with other names that you perhaps heard like:
Neither male nor female

They all fall in the genderqueer which means it is not binary, you know like the 1 and 0 your computer uses, it’s not that. It doesn’t limit itself to that, just like computers cannot understand feelings, most people that are in 1 and 0 cannot really understand what being genderqueer, or transgender is like. Transgender
( which yes it does exist) there are people that do not want to have surgery but they feel usually like a male or female and yet they feel they are in the wrong body, just like there are people who have ugly noses and don’t want to get them operated. I am agender and since that means having no gender there is no way that I can possibly get a surgery to match that, there are people who try though who try either by looking androgynous or some people get their genitals and breasts taken out. I say people because since there is no gender, I cannot say: he, she, or it. I hate when people use the word IT! Although, I am guilty of using it on babies, but simply just call the person by their chosen pronoun or name but if you don’t know that then just use them, they, you get the point.

The same goes to people who are transexual but that’s usually the physical aspect to it hence most transexuals get surgery or get hormones.

Phew, that was a lot to say!

In sexuality we have something very similar and you might have heard of this recently due to the fact there is more exposure to it now, Asexuality, which means that they do not have any sexual attraction at all it does not mean that they are celibate just like people who are nymphomaniac can have sex with people without loving them, or people who have one night stands or “hook ups”, DTF (Down to fuck), and so on so forth can sleep with a person that they 1) Hardly know 2) Don’t love, why do people think that one has to have sexual attraction to someone in order to have sex with them? Some asexuals do not feel comfortable with sex some do, some are sex positive some are not but it is based on the individual.

Therefore, the thought that one cannot have sex without love is false because people do it all the time, and the thought that people need to have sexual attraction in order to have sex and to love is also flaw. But like Genderqueer, Asexuality is an umbrella term it is a spectrum, from aromantic, romantic, grey-A, demisexual.

Aromantic people mainly have platonic relationships and they feel fulfilled by this, they are more interested in having a mental understanding with people rather than a romantic or a sexual one, gender usually does not matter to them as long as they get along with the person.

Romantic Asexuals can be hetero-romantic, bi-romantic, pan-romantic; this all means that they do not have a sexual relationship with their partners, some Romantic Asexuals chose to be monogamous others chose to live in polyamory, having more than one relationship at the same time. Some can be Demi-romantic which means that they experience romantic attraction after forming bonds with the people they know.


Do not normally experience sexual attraction, but do experience it sometimes
experience sexual attraction, but a low sex drive
experience sexual attraction and drive, but not strongly enough to want to act on them
people who can enjoy and desire sex, but only under very limited and specific circumstances

Demisexuals (which is the group I am in) only have sexual attraction to people that they develop bonds with. Hence, this group of people do not see someone and feel like they can fuck them at first sight. No, love at first sight either if we take all that into account.

The thing that most asexual groups have in common that we see people the same as cars, art hanging in a gallery, until we get to know people and develop feelings for them be it romantic or not. This does not mean that people have the right to tell us that we ” need to be fucked silly in order to love having sex”, or that we “have not found the right person yet.” All that is objectification of individuals which most Asexuals can see through the lies at how exactly human relationships are and point certain flaws in the system, just like Atheist can do the same with religious people. Both groups are needed because there are certain things built among these things that have impacted laws and the way which people live.

Although gender does not affect sexuality, or lack there of. I thought I should just basically give a bit more of an look into this world of no gender and no sexual attraction. I forgot to mention that people should be allowed to think freely and not be controlled by someone that does not understand their needs or how they feel about gender, who they love, and how many they love as long as it’s consensual and an intelligent decision by legal adults with legal adults! As we continue to evolve things are bound to change if you are limiting change then you are the limit that humanity has to over come and it will. Just like the culture changed through the years and countries and empires lost power so too will the holds of religion, sexual discrimination, and gender inequality.


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