Spookyfurmommy no human children here just fur ones.

Do not go gentle into that good night” -Dylan Thomas

Yesterday, more like a few hours ago, I had coffee in Dunkin’ Donuts for free due to it being Coffee Appreciation Day or something like that, I must say that I enjoy the dark roast and I just had it with sugar, I opted out of creamer because it has dairy, I am vegetarian after all although I don’t mind cheese—go figure. I later found out by Justin, who informed me of such a marvelous event in the city of Wilkes Barre  even though it’s a nationwide thing, I was ignorant about it.) It was my first time meeting Justin face to face, we been talking in Facebook for a day and he asked me if I wanted to play scrabble which in the end ended up scrambling my brain.
Before I went to meet him I read his blog (http://justinvacula.com) and a particular post caught my attention it was about God Is Not Dead ( however that is styled in actual text), which I will link here if you want to read it. (http://justinvacula.com/2014/09/27/my-thoughts-on-gods-not-dead-film/)
Basically there were scenes in the movie which depicted people from other creeds as jerks and inconsiderate people and I really do not understand why it is so bias, it would be interesting to see other religions ( or lack there for) rebuking this movie, it would be a very interesting conversation on the big screen.  There should not be any favoritism to one religion over the other, it should be an equal playing field. I personally am not religious, I have a philosophy pantheism everything is apart of everything and we are all supposed to be united after all we are all part of the universe.  I don’t want to force such a view to other people but I do not want to be harassed for actually thinking and questioning things with random bible verses which mean nothing to me.
Needless to say that I lost by 400 points ore more, I am not good at strategy games basically I just rush into things.


After many sips of coffee, I felt that I finally understood what Amanda Hocking said about having coffee while she wrote novels inside of a cafe.  I honestly felt like that coffee really charged my qi with thoughts and ideas hopping all over the place, I once heard a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” Yesterday, I felt like one of those great minds because I was discussing ideas that I found interesting to me and how people are being tied down to old beliefs that do not help us in the evolutionary process. Justin said, “ some people do not even believe in evolution,” which made me laugh because it was true, to which I replied, adaptation. Basically to me at least evolutionary and adaptation mean the same, things need to adapt to their environment, birds of prey and so forth although humans see themselves separate from the circle of life but in reality we are part of it, we are not the masters of animals and the masters of the universe; if an animal lives by the rule that those that have stronger genes get to reproduce why do we humans think we can do otherwise?


I decided that I have been quiet too long observing humanity, perhaps like I would observe ants in an ant farm scrambling all around when certain things happen like water ends up messing their habitat and so forth. I must say that I am an antinatalist hence to me humanity should not be reproducing after all if you compare scans of cancers and the growth of the human population you see the parallels between both. People feel that such ideas like these are extreme and that animals tend to kill each other hence what makes it wrong for us to kill them, let me say this, I do not like the exploitation of animals, they kill them and they eat them. They do not lock them up in labs and do experiments on them, they do not create huge farms of their favorite animal to munch on like people do. If people are going to eat meat I am more pro hunting the animal yourself spending time in their habitat and then perhaps because your survival depends on them being alive and enough for humans to eat. Perhaps people would take care of the environment of the animals more. But humans have become domesticated, I personally do not hunt and I think it’s sad that animals die but there are millions of people that die every day and no one cries for them, “Oh, it’s just a part of life,” that’s exactly why I am an antinatalist because life is a cruel game and if people keep feeding the monster the cycle will just continue on going.


I heard some people say, “If people do not have children then the souls in the other veil will not be able to come into this life,” usually that ties down to religion, which I do not agree with it defies all logic. But if you look at Buddhism, even Buddha is said to have incarnated into animals so by that religious logic, I can deduce that even if humanity did not exist if reincarnation is true it will continue to happen.
Basically, in the end whether you care about the environment or not just know this, the reason why people are trying to be more green is because in the end the ones that will not be able to live here are us if we keep up intoxicating our environment, people can sell all they want for money but in the end money is not even 100% paper, it’s a mixture of things and because of that mixture of things as well as dividing humanity with religion which was created by people that wanted control of the masses people kill each other over these stupid things.


Hence, because of the meeting with Justin I realized that perhaps the idea about creating a blog rebuking certain things from the childfree/antinatalist/ non theist perspective was needed.  That a normal person actually can do something like that, this idea  I have been toying around for years actually came face to face with me.
Although, I must say that I am a special breed of childfree, I am hardcore childfree: step, adopted, birthed children are not for me. I also am a mixture of other philosophies and ideas which may differ from other childfree people but audience please remember that I am my own being there are no copies of me therefore, because I say something does not mean it is commandments of the childfree community or any community that I share certain attributes with.


2 thoughts on “Spookyfurmommy no human children here just fur ones.

    • Yes, I do basically getting some thoughts out and I need to start reading much more. I tend not to be strategic I tend to rush into things and then figure out where I need to fix my mistakes lol but all and all it’s very interesting.


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